Users' How-To for Spam Filtering Service

Note: You do not have to delete SPAM emails. We will automatically clear them after 14 days

Quarantine SPAM Report

By default you are set up to receive a report on a daily basis. This report will only show you email caught by the system since the last report. If nothing is caught since the last report you will not get an email.

Here are some key links in the email:

  • List of Emails
    • You will see a list of emails caught by the system. You can choose to DeliverWhitelistDelete
    • Note: Whitelisting and Delivering will teach the system what is or is not SPAM. Be careful not to release SPAM messages.
  • Change Report Frequency
    • At the bottom of the email you can click day (for daily), weekdayFridaymonth (for monthly), never
    • You can also change your settings by logging into the portal. See Below

Anti-SPAM Web Portal

You can access the Anti-SPAM portal and change settings with your mailbox by doing the following:

  • Click here to login
  • Enter your email address and password
  • If this if the first time you're logging in or if you don't know your password click Forgot Password to have it emailed to you

Once logged in you will see three buttons:

  • Settings
    • Here you can change your password for the anti-SPAM portal and change your Quarantine Report Settings
  • Filter Rules
    • Here you can whitelist/blacklist email addresses
  • Quarantine
    • Here you can see the emails that have been blocked by the system and choose to release, whitelist, or delete them.

Anti-SPAM Aggression

If you find too much SPAM is getting through or if many of your ligament emails are being caught by the system you can contact your domain admin or BoltonSmith Technical Support.

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