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Support Contacts and Escalation Process




1.   Emergency Support 24x7 (for service affecting issues)


Emergency (Primary)                                                                                                    877-890-9143

Emergency (Backup)                                                                                                     877-683-1205

Emergency (International)                                                                                     +1-289-348-0250


Use this emergency number for any mission critical or business impacting outages.

This number also applies to SLA based services that are experiencing technical issues.          



2.   Non- Critical Support (for regular business hours)


E-mail: support@boltonsmith.com

Phone: 1-866-746-1233 x1

SMS: 226-602-5000


This covers:

·        General issues not involving any non-critical technical support

·        Change requests

·        General questions



Always, generate a support ticket by sending an email to support@boltonsmith.com. Our ticketing system will automatically open a support case and will reply back by email with your ticket number. 

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